Benefits of Owning a Fountain

There are many benefits to adding a fountain to your home and garden, especially a beautiful Giannini fountain! Fountains add beauty and tranquility to your garden, cascading water makes a soothing sound that will relax you and your guests. A Fountain (or two) automatically finishes your landscape project and will help increase your property value. The visual action of flowing water is instinctively pleasing to humans and animals alike, especially birds, who will bathe in your water fountain from time to time.

#1595 Grand Avignon Courtyard Fountain, Garden Fountain

#1595 Grand Avignon Courtyard Fountain

A flowing garden fountain will cool the surrounding area during the hot summer months. No water is wasted, as a high-efficiency pump recirculates the water in the fountain. The water movement also keeps your fountain clean, so maintenance is minimal.

Add an element of beauty to your home and garden that you can enjoy for years to come. A Giannini fountain is a work of art for your garden!

Giannini Garden fountains are available throughout the United States through our dealer network, send as send us an e-mail to request info on your nearest dealer. If you live in Northern California, our factory and showroom is open to the public, come pay us a visit!