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All items in our gallery are available for purchase at our South San Francisco, CA factory/showroom, or at a local dealer. Giannini offers delivery and installation services throughout Northern California. We also ship throughout the United States and worldwide for customers without dealers in their area. Contact us to find your nearest Giannini authorized dealer or to receive pricing and shipping information. Our Bronze Spouts, Italian Ceramics, and Pizza Ovens are available to purchase online and ready to ship throughout the United States.

ProductsPonds and Coping
Ponds & Coping
1316 Giannini Easy Pond
#1317 Giannini Grand Easy Pond
#1318 Giannini Octavius Easy Pond
#1110 Classico Coping, #1111 Venice Coping, #1112 Regina Coping
#1303 Gardenia Coping, #1304 Gardenia Coping with 8 Planters
#1201 Acquarossa Three Tier, #1303 Gardenia Coping, #1303 Gardenia Coping with planters
#1312 Loire Pond Coping
#1680-PND Calanthia Two Tier Fountain with Lotus Finial for Pond, #1313 Viginti Pond Coping With Step.jpg