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Animated Fountain setup animationIn addition to delivering and installing products purchased from our factory and showroom, Giannini Garden Ornaments offers full garden fountain services for existing Bay Area fountains, residential and commercial. We can also service and install fountains that were not installed or manufactured by Giannini. Garden fountain service includes: Cleaning, pump cleaning + service, touching-up, and re-leveling if fountain has been moved. Our courteous service team will meet or exceed your expectations!

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Things to know before buying a fountain:

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  • For most fountains, you need to prepare a concrete pad or another solid surface (brick, pavers, compacted crushed gravel, etc) in a size appropriate for the fountain you chose.
  • Fountains with a large one-piece pond basin, (48” diameter and up) the basin must be placed on a soft surface like sand or gravel (not dirt). If a pond basin is to be installed on a hard surface like concrete or pavers, a 1”-2” layer of sand must be applied over the surface. The sand will help with leveling by allowing the basin to settle and be completely supported, reducing the risk of possible stress cracks due to uneven support. Sand can be grouted after installation to prevent and run-off.
  • You need an outdoor grounded GFCI outlet ready to plug in your pump.
  • You do not need to attach a water source to your fountain as Giannini fountains use recirculating pumps.
  • Fountains use very little electricity, about the same amount of energy as a 50 Watt light bulb.
  • Most fountains have no interlocking component parts. The parts are held together by gravity only. Most fountains are very heavy, making them safe and sturdy. 
  • Gluing or cementing the component parts together is not usually recommended. The fountain may need to be dismantled to replace the pump, hardware or to move the fountain to another location. If gluing or cementing is required, used an adhesive, such as SikaFlex 1a.
  • Excessive weight or pressure on the fountain may case it to fall. Keep children, pets and others from climbing, sitting, or learning on the fountain and its components.

How To Maintain Garden Garden Fountains

  • All Giannini Garden Ornaments should be handled with care. Keep the water level in your fountain filled to the rim, or your fountain could develop a crack. Do not fill your fountain with cold water when the fountain is hot to the touch. Cold water in a hot fountain can shock the concrete and make it crack. Fill your fountain bowls in the early morning or in the late evening when your fountain has cooled down.
  • Never let your fountain run dry or your pump will be damaged. A pump that has run dry for an excessive amount of time will not be covered by our warranty. Pumps should ALWAYS be fully submerged.
  • During the winter months, protect your fountain from harsh or freezing weather by draining the fountain and covering it with a weather proof tarp, or dismantle it and store it indoors. This will also protect your fountain from cracks. 
  • Keep your bowls clear of leaves and debris so that the water pump does not get clogged. Cleaning the filter of the water pump often keeps the pump working longer. 
  • If the fountain develops algae or build up, drain the water from the fountain, and with a brush, scrub off and rinse the build up from the surface. Try not to scrub too hard or vigorously, and do not use bleach. Doing so may cause the finish to come off. 
  • To prevent algae build up, use an algae reducer solution, such as Fountec or Crystal Clear Sparkle, to reduce any build up. 

For customers living in hard-water or mineral-rich water areas, please read. Very Important!!!!:

  • Hard water should be filtered before filling your fountain; you can use a hose-attached prefilter, such as the PreFresh Spa & Pool Water Fill Filter, available online or at a local swimming pool supply store. In areas with severe hard water, only distilled water should be used to fill your fountains. Filtering the water will remove most of the mineral content in hard water, however, lime scale and white residue can still appear on your fountain, which should be removed immediately.
  • Any white residue (white scale, lime scale, calcium buildup, or efflorescence) that builds up on the fountain should be removed immediately. This buildup is normal and unavoidable in areas with a high mineral content in the local water supply. The best way to remove any white residue would be to gently scrub a mixture of Protec or (CrystalClear-SubLime) and water along the surface of the fountain. A mixture of 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water will also work and removing any white residue.
  • Failure to remove any white residue will stain and/or damage the fountain. Giannini Garden Ornament’s warranty does not cover damage from white scale, lime scale, calcium buildup, or efflorescence.


  • Giannini guarantees items for 6 months on your floor for retailers/or 6 months after you or your customer purchases the item. This ensures that Giannini Garden items are guaranteed at your customer’s house regardless of how long items were in your store. Giannini will not be responsible for any mishandling of our merchandise.
  • Items purchased from the Giannini Garden Ornaments’ Showroom are guaranteed for 1 year. This includes items manufactured by Giannini, Giannini pumps, and delivery and installations services by Giannini Garden Ornaments.